Warranty and guarantee

Warranty and guarantee

Please note that all items and products on the SHOMUGO websites and online stores are subject to the statutory return conditions and return periods. This applies in particular to the 14-day right of withdrawal to which you are entitled for most products. Excluded from this are, for example, hygiene articles, articles with damaged seals and articles that have been manufactured according to customer wishes.

In any case, the terms and conditions of the respective dealer/seller apply. Please inform yourself comprehensively before placing an order. Independent of your right of withdrawal, dealers/sellers may offer an additional voluntary return after 14 days. In this case, please contact the respective dealer/seller directly.

Warranty right

In addition to the above mentioned right of withdrawal, customers within the European Union are entitled to a warranty right of 2 years. During this period, you can demand the repair or replacement/replacement of products if they prove to be defective. If the product in question cannot be repaired within a reasonable time or only at great expense, you can demand a refund or reduction of the purchase price. In any case, please contact the responsible dealer/seller.

Questions about warranty and guarantee

Whom may I contact in case of problems with the item?

In any case, the respective dealer/seller is your first contact for any problems and complaints. In this context, please note that the dealer may refer you to third parties if this helps to solve the problem more quickly and efficiently (e.g. Adobe Support for Adobe products).

What return address to put on the package?

To arrange a return, please contact the respective dealer/seller. The respective GTC and return conditions of the respective dealer/seller apply. Please note that any transport costs may have to be paid by you.

Does SHOMUGO have an A to z warranty?

No. For all warranties and guarantees, as well as for returns and refunds, the respective dealer/seller is fully responsible. However, we reserve the right to analyze frequent returns from individual customers or individual dealers and take appropriate action.