Child and youth protection

SHOMUGO is prohibited for children or youth under 18 years of age. We or our participating dealers offer only products that can be purchased by adults. If you are under 18 years of age or have no or limited legal capacity, you may use SHOMUGO only under supervision (parent or guardian).

Alcohol, Tobacco & Erotic Products

For certain products a prohibition for under 18 years has been pronounced. This applies in particular to alcoholic beverages, any type of tobacco or substitutes, medicines, weapons and accessories, entertainment articles with the indication FSK18, as well as erotic articles. Checking the age when visiting the SHOMUGO marketplaces and the associated Storefront online stores does not provide any meaningful information and is associated with considerable technical challenges. For this reason, SHOMUGO recommends that its merchants/sellers have the age checked by the delivery person using their own shipping option for goods that are not suitable for under 18s.

This shipping option is usually available from EUR 1,-. For more information, please refer to the preferred delivery service and ask.

Information in the sense of the DSGVO

Your data is important to SHOMUGO and the participating merchants. If there is a requirement for identification when delivering parcels, this is covered by valid laws and contracts. In case of any complaints, please contact the respective shipping service provider or your data protection authority.